Format Your eBook for Kindle Publishing

What is the best format to create your eBooks to publish on the Kindle store?

What are the best ways to convert your eBook into Kindle format?

In this post, I have included all your burning questions.

Let’s get started…

There’s famous quote;

For a man, it is necessary to have a child, plant a tree and write a book.

I’m not here to discuss about the line above.

But if you already have a book written, if I can help you, specifically, I’ll show you how to publish your book for Kindle on Amazon. I have prepared a step-by-step guide that should be useful to you.

Amazon Kindle eBook

How to register at KDP?

It all starts at

The first thing you have to do is sign up and confirm the service activation by clicking on the link that arrives to you by email.

How to upload your ebook to Amazon’s KDP platform?

You will have to fill in a series of data, upload the cover of your book, define the categories and tags of relevant keywords to correctly position your book in Amazon:

The title: Its hook power is key, to stand out on platforms with thousands of other books

The cover: If you think we do not buy books for their cover, you’re cheating. Invest in your cover.

The description of your ebook: Quickly presents benefits and target audience. You have 3 seconds to convince.

The category (s) of your ebook: Choose the one that best matches the theme of your book.

Social tests: It is not the same book with zero sales and zero rating of readers that one with 10 to 100 sales, and dozens of very positive opinions.

The popularity of the theme of your book: Do not have doubts that it will be easier for you to sell a book about “Community Manager” than about “Figurative art in the Middle Ages”.

The keywords: These platforms usually have a great authority in Google and it is likely that the page of your book ends well positioned in Google. If you have chosen keywords that have many searches / month, better than better.

Think that, you are in a hypermarket, in a linear full of other products that compete directly with you, you do not have much brand, so you must try to differentiate at all costs.

Do everything you can to achieve it, for example, using a video if the platform allows you to do it, answering the opinions if you can.

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