What is the Best Way to Convert MS Word Documents into PDF?

Sometimes we really struggle to create a professional PDF document out of the MS Word file.

This article is for non-techies which shows you various ways to create beautiful PDF files from your MS Word itself.

Various Ways to Convert Word Files into PDF

Way 1: Use Newer MS Office Versions

Newer versions of MS office like 2013 or 2016 version include a prebuilt option to export your files as PDF easily. So, if you’re still using older versions of MS Office like 2007, 2003 or 2010 then try to move onto newer versions.

Wait, not ready for recent versions of office?

Okay, next methods will let you create PDFs from your existing versions.

Way 2: Use Office PDF Extensions

There are some MS Office extensions which can be used in order to make your existing version of MS Word compatible with PDF convertible.

You can use extensions like NovaPDF and doPDF, which will enable your Word to convert into PDF.

Way 3: Use Online PDF Converters

There are plenty of online PDF converters available which can easily convert any kind of office documents into PDF with just a click.

You can simply search on Google, “Convert Word to PDF” and you’ll be flooded with the tens of such PDF converters website.

Open one such website, upload your Word file and just download the free PDF converted file.


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