Distribution of ebooks

We do not currently offer a distribution service for ebooks. Amazon has made it very easy for small publishers to set up accounts to sell books in a .mobi format for the popular Kindle device through their web site. It isn't necessary to use a distributor to sell through Amazon. Amazon's fee structure is currently very generous to publishers. If you already have a personal account with Amazon, you can log into their Kindle Direct Publishing web site or set up a new account. We have a step-by-step guide to help you through the process.

Distribution through Barnes and Nobel is done through their Nook Press which works very similarly to that of Amazon.

Apple's iBook store on iTunes has a program called iTunes Connect which allows publishers and authors to set up an account to become a vendor.

Google's own Google Books Partner Program sells ebooks worldwide.

For publishers who have at least five titles in their list, the premier distributor of ebooks to schools, libraries, and retailers is Overdrive. Overdrive was purchased the Japanese firm Rakuten in March, 2015.