Some recent customer feedback

one hundred poems by waddie mitchell  

      "I'll highly recommend you to anyone that ever asks for a conversion service. "


queen kn yan  

      "We have used Middleton Books for all of our ebooks, in both ePub and MOBI versions, and have been delighted with their ability and willingness to work with us to find solutions to complex issues. Our books often include characters from European or Asian languages, complex tables or byte-heavy graphics, and other elements that require technical expertise, experience, and a knack. Middleton has demonstrated that they can get the job done right. I would recommend them without hesitation."


a heart poured out  

      "Thank you again for a superb conversion on such a challenging project."


enterrprise risk management straight to the point  

      "You were responsive to all of our requests, worked with us patiently through our various revisions and made our experience virtually painless."


the whim wham man  

      "We have looked at ebook conversion and formatting services worldwide. We have found more expensive services, cheaper services, fancier services and bigger services . . . but we have never found better a formatting service. No one can deliver the goods like Jonathan Scott at Middleton Books. He's always right on time, right on price, delivers high-quality work--and he's right here in the US of A. We couldn't be happier with the results!"


the ugly bug ball  

BQB Publishing
      "I appreciate the great turnaround time and customer service you provide!"


talks to moon  

      "I truly appreciate your professionalism and attention to did a wonderful job."

under the cover of war  

Under The Cover of War
      "I have enjoyed working with you very much and have already passed your name on to several colleagues."


the morman missionaries  

Janis Hutchinson, author
      "If you would like to check and see what a good job Middleton did on the formatting, you can use the "look inside" feature at Amazon of the Kindle versions of both my books, The Mormon Missionaries (2nd edition) and Out of the Cults and Into the Church."


chasing sylvia beach  

       "You made this very easy and quick and I'm grateful for that. Thanks for your great work. And I love to blab about people who do great work."


       "Thank you again for such a superb job and for a fantastic design."


fighting for our health  

       "E-Book looks great!"


       "It's up on Amazon! Didn't take long and it looks GREAT. VERY exciting. Thanks again!"


       "This is to let you know how good it felt that the conversions uploaded without problem! Everything looks great. We are very happy."

maybelle's cure for what ails you       

       "Thank you so much for being so wonderfully diligent and raising the bar on excellent customer service."


       "I very much enjoyed working with you and look forward to bringing you more projects."

meditation and modern psychology       

       "The results of the conversions exceeded our expectations. Our sales of ebooks have taken off, thanks to you."


       "You were great to work with...made it so easy for me."


Jared Nathan, author of Doom in Your Room
      "The file you created for the epub book worked great. Thank you very much for doing such an excellent job! The book is now on sale at Barnes and Noble and on Amazon. I am finishing up some revisions on another book, and will definitely submit it to your company -- as for all the other books that are in the works."


       "You did a fantastic job. I would also like work done for another book entirely."


       "I really appreciate all the help you've given in this process! Painless and frustration free is exactly how I hoped it would be-- and much less complicated than when I tried to do this myself! "

why do i love cookies?       

       "It is very exciting to see that the work you have done looks as good as the books from Random House and the rest."