How to Publish your ebook Through Amazon Direct Publishing

Step-by-step Guide

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To do this process you will need:

  • The link to the Amazon Direct Publishing site:
  • An Amazon account with your password
  • The title of your ebook
  • A description of your ebook (up to 4000 characters)
  • A list of the contributors to your ebook
  • Facts about your publication date, if any, and ISBN if one (See our article about the use of ISBN numbers in ebooks.)
  • Up to 7 keywords to increase your hits on a search
  • The location on your computer of the cover and ebook file. (The file format we provided that ends in .mobi)

The Submission Process:

1. Click on the link.

2. Logon to your Amazon Account (Fig 1)

3. Read and Accept the Kindle Direct Publishing Terms of Service. (Fig 2 shows a portion)

Select Agree to continue.

4. Select Add a New Title (Fig 3)

5. Enter Details for your ebook(Fig 4)

a. Fill in your ebook name. (Fig 7)
b. If applicable, enter the series title and the volume of this ebook. (Fig 4)
c. In the Edition # box, type 1 if this is the first time your ebook is being published. Type 2 (or more) if the book has been published before in any medium in a significantly different version. (Fig 8)
d. In the Description Box write a description that might entice a reader to want to purchase your ebook. (Fig 9)
e. For Book Contributors (Fig 5) click on the Add Contributors button. (Fig 10) Type in first name, last name and select a title from the from the drop down box: Author, Editor, Forward, Illustrator, Introduction, Narrator, Photographer, Preface, Translator. You can select to add another contributor and/or remove.
f. From the drop down Language Box (Fig 5) select the primary language of the book.
g. You may also add a Publication Date (Fig 5) if you like by clicking on the calendar box. From the drop down arrows select the month and year, and click on the day.
h. You may also choose a Publisher (Fig 12) if you have one – it is optional. Or if you are the publisher, you may type your name or company.
i. ISBN is the Int’l Standard Book Number. It is not required to publish your ebook on Amazon. Please read more info about the ISBN in Fig 12.

6. Verify your Publishing Rights (Fig 5)

Choose if this a public domain work or if it’s not and you hold the publishing rights (For more info: Fig 13) by clicking the radio button to select.

7. Target Your Book Customers (Fig 5)

a. Click on the Add Categories Box and choose up to two. For more information see Fig 14. Click on the + sign to see more options under each category.
b. Click on the one you choose to place it in the Selected Categories Box. (Fig 15 for a list of the main categories.)
c. Click Save when you have selected two.
d. You can also add up to 7 keywords to help readers find your ebook in a search. (See botom of Fig 5)

8. Upload Your Book Cover (Fig 6)

a.Select Browse for image to select your ebook's cover.
b. See Cover Guidelines on Fig 16 and 17.
c. See Fig 18 for uploading instructions.

9. Upload your Book File (Fig 6b)

a. Select the Digital Rights Management (DRM) option. (Fig 19) Choose the radio button to enable digital rights management or to not enable it for your ebook.
b. Read over the Content Guidelines in Fig 20.
c. Once you select the DRM, you will be able to browse for your ebook file Be sure to choose the file format that ends in .mobi. When the name is in the box, select Upload Book.
c. Select Save and Continue.

See Fig 21 for FAQs.